Q1 2024





Pfp Collection

It was spontaneous to use the morphology of the bear, the artist says, since it has always represented an identity of belonging in the LGBTQI+ world. As much as Kromback hates labels, there is a synonymy between the bear’s physiognomy, the social context in which it stands out and the personality of the artist himself. He recognizes himself in the identity of the Bears which, in gay culture, even has a flag. The chosen attributes, on the other hand, represent a collection of objects that reflect the artist’s aesthetic taste, style, vision and (somewhat nerdy) influences. All bears are presented without necks. This feature was not thought of, but emerged during the creative process and the choice conveys the message of a subject with his head in the clouds, floating and seeking lightness. All details on our Discord or Twitter.

The Artist

Stefano Cortini, aka “Kromback”, is a talented professional illustrator and tattoo artist who over the years has managed to transform his decades-long passion for drawing and comics into a creative career. Thanks to dedicated artistic studies, he has developed technical and conceptual skills which he can use to express himself. To date, he is resident at Industria Tattoo (Rimini, Italy), a cutting-edge studio in the international tattoo scene. His style is characterized by closed lines diversified in thickness and the line is fluid and continuous. The background is persistent, created through forms of hatching, stippling and chiaroscuro. While the coloring is homogeneous, recalling the typical nature of manga and comics of which the artist has always been passionate. From this perspective, one of the most significant projects is “Krombears” which reworks the concept of inclusiveness. Each subject is listened to and respected in the world of Krombears, a world where art is the essential bridge between individual experiences.

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